Our aesthetic – and how we'll dress you

A big question that our clients ask us is: how will you guys dress me?

The answer is, quite simply, in whatever looks best on you.

Let’s take a step back. How does the styling process work?

When A Good Man takes you shopping, we don’t just put you in clothes straight away; we can dress you in a random assortment of clothes that will make you look fantastic, but you won’t feel great because they won’t suit who you are.

We have to get to know you first because we have to know what clothing is contextually appropriate for your job, for your lifestyle and for your personality. Without knowing that, the clothes will look good but you will really look like you hired someone to tell you how to dress. That’s not the goal at all! Instead, you should look like the best version of yourself; your clothes should be an extension of your natural tastes and the way we dress you should just be more refined and better put-together.

Some of our past work

We do photoshoots with many of our past clients to show off the diverse range of wardrobes and looks that we’ve crafted. Each of these men worked closely with us through our “overhaul” service and was able to achieve a result that made him really love his clothes.

The goal of these photos is not to see yourself in these clothes – because we dress each client differently, and we’ll dress you differently too. Instead, the goal is to see how well the clothes match the man. That’s the true measure of how well we’ve done our job.

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