Men's Colour Basics: Wear Dark Jackets and Light Shirts

One of the simplest ways to use colours properly

Most men have no idea about what colours to wear. Without doing a full-blown colour analysis, there is one rule that almost all men can use to always look good: wearing darker jackets and lighter shirts.

The simplest colour theory for men says that we should wear clothes that match the natural colours that appear in our complexion. What this means is: If you have hair that is darker than your skin colour (like 99% of men in the world), you should match that natural level of contrast in the clothes that you wear.

As with any outfit that a man wears, we want attention to be drawn to our faces. If attention is drawn to our clothes, then we’re doing something wrong – the clothes are wearing us.

Doing it right

See below; we have three different skin/hair combinations that roughly match most men’s natural tones. The outfits that they wear have a similar level of contrast (dark surrounding light).

In all three examples, the contrast-matching brings attention directly to the man’s face. You can test this – close your eyes, then open them and stare directly at the three men. Your eyes should naturally notice the face first.

Doing it wrong

Comparatively, notice the difference when we reverse the natural contrast, and wear light colours surrounding dark colours.

As above, close your eyes and open them to stare directly at this image. You’ll likely find your eyes being naturally drawn to the men’s shirts first, rather than their faces.

This is one of the simplest ways to ensure that your outfits help rather than hinder, and will also assist in matching wardrobe pieces together.

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