Every possible outfit combination from layering 6 pieces

An experiment in layering men's clothes

Different Clothing Layering Configurations

When we did our photoshoot for “Layering 101”, the sample article from “Dress Better in 7 Days”, we (for some naive, strange reason) thought it would be easy. Our goal was to make a little interactive demo which would allow a user to select a different layering item to put on Julian, and they could pick and match different items to show the wealth of different outfits 6 garments could make.

The premise is this: You have 6 layers – a tee, a shirt, a knit*, a jacket, a coat and accessories. You can mix and match items to form different outfits, but you can’t change the order (so, for example, a t-shirt will never be worn over a knit or a jacket).

* we use both a jumper and a cardigan in these examples to show how they can both be used

Then we did the math and realised we’d have to photograph 64 different outfits (correct me if my math is wrong). There’s no easy systematic way to do this. It took a long time. Jules had to stand mostly still for all of it. He kinda looks like Shia LaBeouf.

If you would like to check out the Layering 101 lesson in full (it’s free!), jump on over to the “Dress Better in 7 Days” page.

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