Style Cheat Sheet, Pt. 1: Dressing Up

A simple infographic

by James Gallichio

When I write articles for HF, I try to think about what I’d like to share with the reader. With you. What do you want to see? What do you want me to say? What gentlemanly activities do you want to hear about?

In my many months of market research*, it has come to my attention that HF’s readership craves one thing and one thing alone: crudely drawn musings on men’s style, by me.

* also known as “asking my mum”

So, in this edition of Harrison Fjord, I present a style cheat sheet. As I created this monster, I was reminded of my year 12 maths exam. We were allowed two pages of notes in which we could frantically squash as much helpful information as possible. When writing my maths cheat sheet, I would start with the most important rules and equations. Then I drew diagrams to demonstrate the rules. Then, after realising that I had wasted 3/4 of my allocated space with giant right-angle triangles and Venn-diagrams, I would try and cram as many potentially-useful rules and formulas into the remaining space. Maths is a glorious subject.

A cheat sheet is all about preparation. If you only had two pages to fill with enough rules and formulas to weasel your way out of any situation, what would you write?

Note: Click the image below for a full-size look at Harrison Fjord’s Style Cheat Sheet

Disclaimer: This cheat sheet contains general rules which, of course, are made to be broken.

Harrison Fjord style Cheat Sheet
Harrison Fjord style Cheat Sheet, Pt. 1: Dressing Up

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