A small selection of kind words from our clients…

I couldn’t be happier with what I’ve learnt from James and Julian and couldn’t recommend it more.

Basically I had absolutely no idea what I was doing fashion-wise beforehand. I’d wear clothes that my relatives bought me for birthdays/christmas and drag girlfriends along to stores to pick out clothes for me. Needless to say it didn’t work out too well!

– Evan, 19

I was happy with how I dressed before, but I feel like it’s taken me to the next level.

– Charles, 35

I was completely clueless pre-consultancy, and now I could very easily go out and buy a new wardrobe and look amazing. Julian told me beforehand that dressing well really was simple. I laughed and didn’t believe him. Now I do.

For me this wasn’t only about fashion either. They really helped me out with the culture/scene I want to get into, where to go out, some exercise and skin care advice. Completely 100% tailored to what I wanted.

– Michael, 24

Honestly, my image has come leaps and bounds since I met James and Julian and I gained a lot just from hanging out with them, they’re cool fucking dudes. There’s really not that much to write about this review, as the service is immaculate and if you haven’t gotten your image and style downpat, it will accelerate your progress leaps and bounds.

– Anton, 31

I would definitely recommend seeing James and Julian if you really want some advice on fashion and bettering their image as they really know their shit.

– Simon, 25

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