The Gig Line

Harmonising shirt, belt and pants

IF you’re a man who wears a lot of dress shirts, pay attention: MIND YOUR GIG LINE. There’s nothing worse than a man who has tried to dress up yet looks sloppy. A good gig-line neatens up almost any outfit and makes it look purposeful and well-composed.

As with the Military Tuck, the Gig Line (also known as the “Action Line”) comes from the men of the ever-neat-and-tidy armed forces. It refers to a vertical harmony between your shirt placket, belt buckle and the seam of your pant fly

The Gig Line

There isn’t really much explanation necessary here, except to note that 99% of men don’t pay attention to their gig line, and constantly look sloppy as a result. Share this knowledge with them. Once you know about it, you’ll start to notice it everywhere.

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