What is Personal Shopping?

We cover everything.

We do our best to make our service as simple as possible. We work very flexible hours, have easy payment options and allow for immediate bookings online. We also offer quick shopping sessions and full-day services (where we bring the clothes to you!).


Shopping alone sucks.

As a man, walking into a clothing store alone can be daunting. We want to feel calm and in control – like we’re not self-conscious about how we dress, nor are we susceptible to the ravings of energetic sales staff. “Can I help you with anything?” “No, no, I’m fine.”

Then we haphazardly pick out some clothes, and head to the changeroom. “Do they fit properly? Are they the right colours? Are they the right cut for my body? Are they even cool to begin with?!”

So many men face these problems

We’ve styled hundreds of men over the past 3 years, and each feels the same way: shopping sucks, it’s a pain, I just want to look cool. That’s why we started this service – because so many men want to look good, but can rarely find good, competent style advice.

A competent personal shopper (also known as a personal stylist, an image consultant or just “A Good Man”) has two main roles:

    • To get to know you as much as possible: we need to get a sense of your tastes (“cool” is very subjective), what you already do/don’t know about men’s style and the challenges you face with dressing well.
    • To take you shopping and in doing so, teach you how to find clothes that fit your body properly, teach you about discerning between “good” and “bad” clothes (in terms of both quality and design) and to introduce you to clothing labels and stores that suit your unique tastes and personal style.

It’s a little more complicated than that, but that’s the basic gist of what we do. Or, in a single sentence: we teach guys how to look damn good.

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