Why you should invest in quality clothing

So you’ve decided that you need a new wardrobe. The next step is to decide how much you want to spend.

At A Good Man we have two core beliefs around budgeting for clothes: when you shop with us, we want you to buy clothes that will last a long time and have a timeless aesthetic. While the latter point talks about style and design (which is covered in this post, clothes that are constructed to last a long time are just as important.

There’s no point buying a beautiful new car if it breaks down after a few drives and you paid a lot of money for something nice to look at in your garage. A man’s clothes are exactly the same. You can get cheap clothes that don’t last very long and fall apart easily, or you can invest a little more (in the right places) and have clothes that last and last.

I can show you two pairs of shoes that have a similar design. One is from Aquila, is glued together and uses cheap quality leather and costs $180. It will last eight months of daily wear. The other is from John Lobb, hand-made and welted with the highest quality full-grain leathers, and costs $1300. It will last 15 years of daily wear. Which is the better deal?

One of our clients, Tim, is a champion of investing in clothing. When we went to his house to audit his wardrobe, he showed us shoes that he had had for 25 years and still looked great. Parts of this is luck – choosing a timeless aesthetic – but a lot of it has to do with investing in well-constructed pieces which stand the test of time.

Some men crave a low price. It’s just in their nature, seeing a jacket for $140 they they just must have even though it doesn’t fit properly, doesn’t look stylish and doesn’t work with anything else in their wardrobe. Items like this just take up unnecessary space in a man’s wardrobe and

Next up, you should read about A Good Man’s aesthetic and how we’ll dress you. Or, you can just book an appointment with us right now!

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