Why shopping with a man is better

When we started this business four years ago we thought this was obvious and didn’t require explaining; surely, men would prefer shopping with other men, rather than women?

But then it hit us; a lot of men somehow naturally thing that women understand fashion – all fashion – better than men.

Others might think that, because they’re trying to attract women, hiring women to help them dress better is the obvious and best solution. A fair assumption.

Only men wear men’s clothes.

The first and most obvious reason why men should only go shopping with other men is that we wear men’s clothes. We know how the clothes are supposed to fit, we know how they’re supposed to be worn, we know how they’re going to wear-in and change over time.

Before choosing a personal stylist, you should ask yourself the following questions:

Does this person have the same sense of style as me?

Overhauling your wardrobe is a big an important process; you’re about to buy clothes that will shape the way that people perceive you for years to come. So first and foremost, ask yourself whether the person you’re considering has the right aesthetic for you. You can read all about ours at this link. Do they look how you want to look? And if they don’t, do they seem like they’ll be able to get you the results you really want?

Do they know where the best menswear stores are, which are the best tailors and how to style outfits in the best way?

Personal styling is far, far more than just taking clients to stores that they could naturally find themselves. It goes beyond taking them to department stores like David Jones and Myer; it goes beyond over-priced, low-quality and unstylish labels like Tarocash, Calibre and G Star. While any stylist worth their salt should be able to go into these stores and find you the best stuff, they should also know the best stores; after all, don’t you want the best clothes possible?

We have incredibly close relationships with all of the best menswear labels and stores in Australia. We’re the exclusive stylists for many of them and we know all of their stock back to front.

Will they be able to make my life easier?

Many of our clients are executives with some of Australia’s largest organisations, who work 80 hour weeks and barely have time to read the newspaper – let alone go shopping for half a day. So we have a unique “porter service”, where we’ll bring a curated selection of clothes directly to our client’s home or office; they keep the clothes they want and we return the rest to the stores. We even handle all of the payment and invoicing for them; the client pays us once, and we pay each of the stores individually.

This is a unique service that is exclusive to A Good Man. Here are some of the labels we have exclusive rights over any other stylists to porter to our clients’:

Tom Ford
Pal Zileri
John Lobb
Edward Green
George Cleverley
Filippa K
J. Lindeberg
V Ave Shoe Repair
Nudie Jeans

Next up, you should read about why clothes are an investment and how we’ll help you overhaul your wardrobe. Or, you can just book an appointment with us right now!

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